The uniform policy of the school is set by the school Governing Body. All members of staff are responsible for ensuring that students dress meets the requirements of this policy.

Students must arrive to school in full school uniform. The below are the versions of the school uniform that can be worn by students. 

SSA Blazer
Iron on Year Group Badge
White Shirt

Plain Black Knee-Length Skirt or Plain Black Tailored Trousers

SSA Tie with House Colour Stripe
Plain Black Leather School Shoes


P.E. Kit
SSA White Polo Shirt
Plain Black Tracksuit Bottoms or Shorts


P.E. Kit Optional Additions
SSA Sports Jumpers are also available and can be worn with either PE Kit option above.
In cold weather, we recommend students wear additional layers underneath their SSA White Polo Shirt. The reason for the shirt is to ensure our students are all easily identifiable as SSA students


  • If a student is wearing a coat to walk to school, it must be plain black.
  • Students must wear their blazer at all times unless given permission to remove it in lesson time.
  • All shoes must be black leather school shoes. This means they must not be trainers or sports shoes and must not be made by one of the following companies (though list is not exhaustive); Adidas, Nike, Converse, New Balance, Under Armour, Puma, Vans. 
  • Any child with a medical need preventing them wearing traditional school shoes must have a meeting with their Head of House where medical evidence is provided.  If the need is long-term, it will be referred to the Pupil Services Manager to arrange a medical care plan and reach a suitable arrangement involving the Academy supporting the family which may involve wearing specialist medical footwear.
Acceptable Footwear

SSA Acceptable Footwear Graphic

Unacceptable Footwear 

Unacceptable Footwear Graphic



Iron On Year Group Badge Application Instructions


Uniform Suppliers

The following suppliers stock the SSA school blazer, tie and PE kit. Other items of uniform can be purchased at a shop of your choice.

Fashion Stop

Ian Howard Lucilla Schoolwear