Parent Coffee Mornings

What? A ‘coffee morning’ for all parents and carers across the academy hosted by a member of the Senior Leadership Team, a Head of Department or Subject Teacher. 

Why? We aim to build strong relationships with our parents/carers and key stakeholders in the school and to offer excellent 1-to-1 help and advice in supporting their child's education and wellbeing at home.

How? Coffee mornings are hosted in-person or virtually depending on the availability of our staff. Parents/carers are notified of a coffee morning in advance via ParentMail email. 

If an event is hosted virtually, parents/carers will be sent a Zoom link prior to each Coffee Morning.

Time? 9:05-9:45



Coffee Morning Description Location Date Resources
Supporting your child with reading How parents can support and encourage their child to read regularly and widely. Zoom 25.01.2022 Parent Coffee Morning: Supporting your child with reading
Supporting your child with homework This session will provide parents with the essential techniques and tools they need to support their child. Zoom 08.02.2022 Parent Coffee Morning: Supporting your child with Homework 
Revision & Study Habits How Year 11 parents can support their child in developing good revision and study habits. Upton Lane Site 15.03.2022 Parent Coffee Morning: Revision and Study Habits
Supporting your child in GCSE Maths

How Year 10 & 11 parents can support their child in preparing for GCSE Maths.


Zoom 21.03.2022 Parent Coffee Morning: Supporting your child in GCSE Maths 
Sleep All you need to know about sleep and why it is so important for your child. Zoom 29.03.2022