Developing confident communicators into global citizens 

We aspire to expose our students to the Francophone world, through a broad curriculum and strong teaching and learning practices, which build vocabulary and grammatical concepts in a sequential and spiralled way to increase retention of knowledge in students’ long-term memory. 

We will build students’ confidence and spontaneity in communicating with a French speaker in a multi-lingual environment. This confidence is underpinned by the regular revisiting of high frequency language structures, the embedding of cultural knowledge of the French-speaking world and the development of students’ understanding of style and register in French.  

We will equip students with the foundations and the curiosity to be able to learn other modern languages, increase their awareness of international opportunities available to them when learning a second language whilst also cultivating students’ empathy of the challenge’s others face when learning a new language.  

We promote celebrations of all languages and cultures, discussions on the roots of language and how French has influenced the English spoken today. We promote cultural projects within our curriculum to ensure our students have access to ‘real’ French, and a wealth of social knowledge of French-speaking cultures, with the aim to engage in residential trips to strengthen this cultural knowledge further. 

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When contacting SSA faculty please ensure you state your full name and registration group, this helps us answer your enquiry promptly. 


When contacting SSA faculty please ensure you state your child's full name and registration group, this helps us answer your enquiry promptly.