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In English as an additional Language (EAL), students learn English from the very basics through to fluency levels on par with native speakers. 

Students learn reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to enable them to interact in society to meet their daily needs and begin to access the broader Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 curricula. It is our intention to prepare students for the demands of college and adult life.  EAL students are provided with a broad range of interventions and courses to support their progress in acquiring English rapidly. 


In Key Stage 3, EAL students will study the EAL induction course which provides them with the survival language skills needed to help them achieve a smooth transition into their new learning environment. Once students have completed this course, they can progress on to the Read Write Inc, intervention which will build their cultural capital, increase their self-confidence and start to address academic language. These interventions are supported through the use of  Flash Academy and Read Theory. 


In Key Stage 4, EAL students have the opportunity to study ESOL Skills for Life Certificate and/or IGCSE English as a Second Language. In ESOL, students learn the communication skills needed to progress in the workplace, education and beyond. They are available from Entry 1 to Level 2. Students learn English skills for personal needs and employment related issues. In Entry Level 1 they will learn to read, understand, and obtain information from short texts on familiar topics, common signs and symbols. They will also be able to respond to simple written narratives, statements, question, and instructions. In Entry Level 2, they will be able to read, understand and obtain information from short, straightforward text, including chronological and instructional text types, signs and symbols. They should also be able to respond to familiar written straightforward information, short narratives, explanations, instructions. 

In IGCSE English as a second Language (ESL), students will learn about the widespread use of English in education and commerce and in entertainment. Students will consolidate their understanding of English in order to progress in their academic or professional career.  Students will acquire English skills in a broad range of humanities-based contexts such as travel, health, technology, culture and work. 

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