Keeping Students Safe

We are committed to ensuring that you feel safe at school and at home. The information detailed below is here to help you access the support you need to ensure you have the right tools to succeed and make a positive contribution to wider school community. 

How students can receive support:

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If you have any concerns in regards to the safety/well-being of yourself or your friends at Stratford School Academy, please email:

Examples of concerns, could range from incidents of bullying, mental health, sexual harassment and any other concerns you feel that needs to be addressed. This could be in relation to yourself or anyone else who you are worried about.

The Student Leadership Team created this email address to provide students with another channel for safeguarding communication.

Please note that this email will be picked up by the safeguarding team and any information will be kept confidential amongst the safeguarding team.

Students will be contacted by a member of the Safeguarding team to follow up the concern in collaboration with you. Afterwards you will be supported by the school or external services. 

Remember there is always a trusted adult to HEAR YOU OUT. 


Safeguarding Team

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We are committed to ensuring that students are safe when using the internet at Stratford School Academy. For tips and advice on how you can stay safe online, view: Staying Safe Online.


Mental Health & Wellbeing

We know how important it is to support you in practising good mental health and wellbeing –  that’s why we’ve introduced our students, staff and parents alike to Educational Mental Health Practitioners (EMHPs) at both of our school sites. For information on how to access support and advice on how to practice good mental health and wellbeing, view: Mental Health & Wellbeing.