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Mental Health

Mental health & wellbeing really matter at Stratford School Academy. We have dedicated heads of year, Pastoral Assistants and Family Support Workers who work to support mental health and wellbeing.

We are committed to working with parents and the local community so that students can flourish in their education and beyond. We aim to look after the wellbeing and mental health of staff and students by creating a safe learning environment where everyone feels respected and responsible to participate in the school community. We ensure that our students and staff are listened to and provide opportunities for them to achieve and develop.

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Student Mental Health & Wellbeing

Since the pandemic, we’ve introduced our students, staff and parents alike to a range of Mental Health support services at both of our school sites.

We have successfully embedded the Wellbeing in Newham Schools team (WINS) and benefit from a Mental Health Practitioner (MHP) on site every Thursday, as well as a Place2Be Mental Health Practitioner on site every Tuesday and Wednesday. The Mental Health Practitioner's work to support students who are experiencing low mood and anxiety.

Finally the school is very lucky to have Ms Dargyte, our very own Drama Therapist, who supports students with their wellbeing.

If you wish to speak to any one of our Mental Health Practitioners, please speak to your trusted adult or head of year, who will be able to support you in accessing the right support.

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Grosvenor Road



Upton Lane




External Services

Young MindsKoothNorth East London: Mental Healh Services for Young People


Additional Resources

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Parent Mental Health & Wellbeing

We understand that supporting your child with their wellbeing can be complex. However we know from research that parents and carers play a crucial role in teaching children and young people how to understand and manage their feelings as they grow up. That’s why at the Academy our MHP offer advice, guidance and support so that parents are equipped to support their child at home. We also have a dedicated team of heads of year and Family Support Workers who can support you.

The organisational links below can support parents with mental health and wellbeing challenges. This is by no means comprehensive but is intended as a useful reference:

Young Minds

Place2Be - Supporting your child's mental health

Barnardos - Supporting your child's mental health 

Parenting Mental Health


Additional Resources

Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families - Talking Mental Health with Young People at Secondary School