Who to Contact

Do you need assistance from a member of staff?

We have a team of talented, motivated staff who help deliver the best possible education to each of our students.

When contacting staff members please ensure you state your child's full name and form group. Teachers try to reply to emails as swiftly as possible and you should ordinarily expect a response within 48 hours – even though this may be a “holding” response whilst information is gathered. However, please remember that teachers do not have constant access to email. Most of their time is spent in the classroom teaching, or marking, planning and preparing lessons. There will be times when a response may be delayed.

If urgent action is required please also email stratford@stratfordschoolacademy.org and the relevant Head of Department.

Form Tutors

Heads of Department

Department Staff
Art and Design Ms N Mckenna
Citizenship Ms A Ikar
Computer Science Ms R Qureshi
Design and Technology Mr J Sillitoe
Drama Ms E Dargyte
EAL Mr R Corlett
English Ms N Murali
Food and Nutrition Mr J Hillgren
French Ms L Essien
Geography Ms H Khanom
History Mr M Leach
Maths Ms L Salmoun and Ms S Mahroof
Music Mr Pitigala
P.E. Mr Bracken
RE Ms J Zahid
Science Ms L Willets-White


Heads of Year

Year Group Staff
Head of Year 7 GR Ms T Landon
Head of Year 7 UL Ms H Ahmed
Head of Year 8 GR Mr D Kinowski
Head of Year 8 UL Ms R Sharma
Head of Year 9 GR Ms N Khan
Head of Year 9 UL Mr B Javid
Head of Year 10 GR Mr D Lowe
Head of Year 10 UL Mr J Tozer
Head of Year 11 GR Ms T Khan
Head of Year 11 UL Ms S Charmon


Subject Teachers

Reporting Absence