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At SSA Physical Education provides the basis for the physical and mental wellbeing of students and aims to develop an interest in a wide range of sports and physical activities which builds over time.   

At the heart of the PE curriculum is the aim to broaden the horizons of our students through the exposure to a wide range of activities, covering both individual and team-based sports and disciplines. We want to develop the experience of students and allow them to identify areas of talent that can then be pursued beyond lessons through clubs both within the school environment and beyond. Throughout their time with us, across both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, we have a strong focus on participation and fitness.  


At Key Stage 3, whilst covering a wide range of activities and sports, we place a large emphasis on students learning specific concepts regarding performance development through practical exploration of proven techniques used in professional sport. 


At Key Stage 4, the curriculum develops further to encourage students to become physically educated people, learning how to arrange their lives in such a way that physical activity becomes habitual.   

In addition to the lessons covered in core PE, at Key Stage 4 students have the option to complete a Btec Sport. In this course students cover four units, each of which is selected, designed, and taught in such a way that it gives an excellent foundation for those students wishing to study a sports-based course at Key Stage 5, and hoping to gain employment in the field of sport, exercise, and fitness.  

Students learn how to evaluate performance and how to devise bespoke training programmes to cater to the exact requirements of a performer.  Students also learn the impact that exercise has on the human body, both as an immediate response to physical activity as well as long-term adaptation to cope with the demands of regular physical activity.  

In addition to timetabled lessons, there are a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs that the school offer students throughout the year in addition to inter site and external competitive fixtures.  

All students are welcome to attend the clubs we offer to further enhance the benefits that Physical activity offers. 

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