SSA Microsoft Teams Help Centre

In the event of partial or full closure, SSA is committed to providing continuity of education to its students and will do so through a process of remote (online) learning.

Here you will find video guidance as well as a downloadable student guide on how to use Microsoft Teams, access lessons and upload assignments from different devices. Please read through our help centre resources before contacting SSA.



Remote learning through Microsoft Teams will be delivered through the ‘Assignments’ feature. ‘Assignments’ will contain all the documents you need for learning including: a pre-recorded lesson, PowerPoint and tasks to complete.


Microsoft Teams Video Tutorials







Student’s Guide to using Microsoft Teams

Our easy-to-use student’s guide will show you how to do the following:

  • How to log on
  • How to upload an assignment
  • How to access and respond to feedback given to you by your teacher
  • How to upload a picture/image/audio to your laptop and Microsoft Teams
  • How to upload a picture of work you have completed as an assignment
  • Usernames and passwords for online platforms

Still need help?

If you’ve read our guide and still have unanswered questions, please call or email the school office.