Board of Governors

SSA Governors are committed to ensuring the academy’s success. Their diverse range of experience, knowledge and interests collectively support and challenge SSA to ensure that it delivers its vision.

Name Governor Type Term From Term To Additional Information Roles
Hamilton Prium Appointed 11/11/18 10/11/22 Appointed Chair 23/04/20


Chair's Chair

Craig Hewitt  Headteacher 01/09/20 -   SSA Headteacher (Member) 
Neil Jepson Appointed 08/09/19 07/10/23   Resources Chair 
Laura McInerney Co-opted 21/03/21 20/03/22   PWB Chair
Wendy Stevenson Appointed 15/06/20 14/06/23   Admissions Chair
Anne Sundberg Clerk       Clerk
Andrew Ford  Co-opted 21/03/21 22/03/22    
Idris Ibrahim Appointed 26/10/17 15/10/21    
Joshua Jarvis Staff 28/03/19 27/03/23    
Alex Shapland-Howes Appointed 29/11/17 28/11/21    
Jayadevan Pillai Appointed 28/11/17 27/11/21    

Abid Patel

Parent 04/11/19 03/11/23    
Parves Sheikh  Parent 04/11/19 03/11/23    
Mr Abid Abdul-Bari Appointed 10/12/20 09/12/24    


Governors who have served in the last 12 months:

Name Governor Type Term From Term To Additional Information Roles
Lori Cox Appointed 21/03/21 26/08/21  

Vice Chair


Governance Documents

Governor Declarations of InterestGovernor Meeting Dates 2021Governor Attendance 2019/2020


Contact Governors

If you wish to contact the Chair of Governors, please write to:

Mr Hamiliton Pruim
C/O Stratford School Academy
Upton Lane Site,
Upton Lane,
Forest Gate,
E7 9PR