Year 9 Students Receive Young Presenter of the Year Award

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Posted on 11th Feb 2022

Year 9 students Erika B, Jaspal S and Hinal H receive ‘Young Presenter of the Year’ Award at the IGEM and Pipeline Industries Guild London Showcase & Lions Lair Event for their fantastic BIG IDEA as part of the Solutions for the Planet Programme.

The annual showcase and networking event hosted by IGEM and The Pipeline Industries Guild saw SSA students Erika B, Jaspal S and Hinal H present their BIG IDEA to a large audience of professionals. After their presentation, the students even took part in a Q&A session which saw the room light up with a large round of applause.

These are the people that are going to save the planet

audience member

During the event students were treated to a networking buffet where they were invited to talk to a wide variety of companies. SSA staff looked on in complete amazement as the students continually pushed themselves out of the comfort zones to talk to as many professionals as possible, where they discussed their experience on the S4P programme, their education at Stratford School Academy, their hopes and dreams and even… patenting their big idea!

Towards the end of the evening… all students of Team JEHT were offered work experience by notable company Cadent Gas - the UK’s biggest gas distribution network.

We cannot thank Solutions for the Planet and CEO Jen Baughan enough for providing our students with such an amazing opportunity. 

To Team JEHT... a huge well done! We just cannot wait to see what you do next.