Celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month, 11th February

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Posted on 11th Feb 2022

This month we will be focussing on the History of the LGBTQ+ Community. We will be posting daily facts that are associated with people and communities that are part of a minority sexuality or gender identity.  We hope you learn something that you didn’t know before about LGBTQ+ History!

LGBTQ+ Kings and Queens of England and the United Kingdom

Throughout history there have been claims of various members of royalty identifying as LGBTQ+.  The difficulty historians have is proving the extent to which these claims are true.

LGBTQ+ Kings and Queens

Until very recently, claiming that someone of political influence was LGBTQ+ could be used to discredit them, or remove them from power.  Therefore enemies of these people often made claims about their sexuality or gender in an attempt to destroy them.  The other difficulty for historians is that often those in LGBTQ+ community tried to hide their identities through fear of being attacked or losing status, therefore evidence is often hard to find.

There is some evidence that the following members of royalty were LGBTQ+.  You can click the link below to find out more, and perhaps make your mind up what the evidence suggests about their genders and sexualities.

Find out more: LGBT Nobility and Royalty Great Britain

If students would like to discuss any of their needs regarding sexuality or gender identity then they can speak with any trusted adult at Stratford School Academy. Students can also contact Childline on 0800 1111 and be referred to sexuality and gender specialists.