Parent/Carer Resources for Year 6 Transition

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Posted on 29th Jun 2021

The transition from primary into secondary school is a significant rite of passage and a key element in the process of becoming a young adult. Nevertheless, starting secondary school can result in mixed feelings of excitement, apprehension and nervousness for your child.

At SSA, we strive to provide a smooth and successful transition for our families. As well as providing families with opportunities to view our school sites and meet with our teachers, we produce transition resources for our students to read, view and complete over the course of their Summer holidays to prepare them for their secondary school life.

Our transition steps and linked resources below ensure that our students’ questions are answered, their worries are heard and that they are introduced to our school expectations and teaching and learning processes all before starting with us in September. 

Transition Documents

Families Handbook 2020-2021Transition Booklet 2020-2021SEND Transition Booklet 2020-2021

Print versions of the above resources are sent home to all students due to start at SSA.

Transition Videos