Year 10 students face the Future Frontier

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Posted on 23rd Sep 2021

This Autumn term, SSA has teamed up with educational charity, Future Frontiers to provide our Year 10 students with behind-the-scenes access to businesses based in Central London, where they'll receive 1-1 career coaching sessions from business professionals.

The Future Frontiers Coaching Programme will provide our students with an excellent understanding of a range of career paths and support them in thinking about their own goals and aspirations. The programme will run over the course of late September and October where students will receive 4 face-to-face coaching sessions and attend a pathway seminar. After the pathway seminar, the students will be invited to talk to a sector role model, who will be someone from their chosen field of work, so that they can gain the best insights into how they can achieve their dream career.

This week, our students met their coaches for the first time! Year 10 students at GR, met their coaches at Newline Insurance, a leading insurance group with offices all over the world; whilst Year 10 students at UL met their coaches at Byte London, a marketing technology agency that create creative content and media for brands.

Upon arrival students were treated to an amazing free lunch from the businesses which will be provided week on week. After lunch, each student was introduced to their coach and given their Future Frontiers Activity Handbook. Students were invited to sit and chat to their coach in their meetings rooms and workspaces and complete the first section of their handbook.

The session was aptly named Discover – which saw each student chat to their coach about their motivations, values, interests, skills and what they had already given thought to in relation to careers/sectors they might like to go in to.  

The students loved the first session and are equally excited to meet their coaches again next week.


Mr Bland, 
Careers Lead