Year 10 students graduate from Future Frontiers

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Posted on 22nd Oct 2021

This week, Year 10 students across GR and UL graduated from the Future Frontiers Coaching Programme! After spending one afternoon each week with their 1-2-1 coach, students and their coaches met for the last time at the London based businesses to consolidate their career pathways and to celebrate their progress.

Year 10 students at GR, met their coaches at Newline Insurance, a leading insurance group with offices all over the world; whilst Year 10 students at UL met their coaches at Byte London, a marketing technology agency that create creative content and media for brands.

Upon arrival students were treated to an amazing free lunch provided by the companies but were soon whisked off to complete their final coaching session. Shortly after finishing the last section of their Future Frontiers Activity Book; students were lucky enough to meet with a professional who worked in the industry or sector they were interested in.

It was fantastic to see such high aspirations amongst the group, as students met with a range of professionals such as: barristers, sports event managers, architects, property consultants, accountants, game designers, paramedics, art historians, pharmacists, lawyers, astronomers, graphic designers, CFO’s, engineers, and even… teachers!

The student’s loved talking to their sector role mode as they were able to ask as many questions as they liked, ranging from: ‘What does a normal day look like in your career?’ to ‘What do you like the most about your job?’ to ‘How would you advise someone in my position, looking to enter your sector in the future?’.

The Future Frontiers Coaching Programme has thoroughly enriched our students’ outlook on post 16 options and career paths. seeing our students develop, mature and gain such thorough external support has been absolutely fantastic to watch week on week

mr bland

After signing off, the students re-grouped for the Future Frontiers ‘Graduation Ceremony’ which saw each coach give a speech for their student before handing them their certificate of completion.

In a particularly notable speech to UL Year 10 student Iman Rahman, Coach Alex from Byte London said:

Iman, it has been an absolute pleasure to meet and work with you – your positive outlook, your career goals and determination for success is truly infectious. I can’t wait to see what you do next. keep working hard and one day you’ll have that Mercedes Bens C-Class

At SSA, we’d like to say a huge well done to the selected students who are our first group to complete the programme and we’d also like to thank Future Frontiers Programme Manager, Daisy Aylott for organising and delivering a fantastically bespoke programme for our students.


Mr Bland, 
Careers Lead


SSA will continue to work with Future Frontiers in the next academic year.